How it Works

Download software from website. Download

Start Install software:

  • Press on downloaded installation file in browser
  • Select a downloaded installation file in Windows Explorer and press Enter or double click on it.

Please confirm warning message:

Run program:

  • Double click on icon on desktop:


  • Select from main menu: Start | Programs | Outlook Express Backup Toolbox | Outlook Express Backup Toolbox

Select the desired action:

  • Click on the Backup button if you want to make a backup copy
  • Click on the Restore button if you want to restore the data from a backup

If backups are made, you need to select the following items on the second screen of the program: Identity, Account Settings, Mail Folders, Signatures, Messages Rules, Address Book, and other data to be backed up:

Select the location on the disk and the name of the backup file:

Select the backup options:

  • Start time
  • Archiving mode
  • Splitting the file into volumes
  • Encryption method and password

Click Start backup:

If you are restoring from a backup, you must select the recovery mode on the second page of the program:

  • Simple Restore provides simple as is data recovery
  • Advanced Restore allows you to configure particular restoration options.

Select the file that you previously backed up to:

Select the data to be restored:

Choose where to restore each Profile:

Click Start Restore: